TUTORIAL: Embossed butterfly with twine

6/11/2009 01:01:00 PM

These are becoming one of my favorite things to add to my cards. Today I made another one that had these embossed butterflies (you can see the other ones here and here). I decided to put together a tutorial in case someone wanted to make them and didn't know how. The reason why I decided to put this tutorial up is because I haven't seen butterflies put together in this particular way, but I could be wrong and there could already be another tutorial out there. If so, sorry about that :)

You don't need much supplies and they're easy to make, but if you have questions, just let me know. If you decide to use this tutorial and make some, I would love to see what you've done with them!!

Supplies: Scissors, paper, embossing folder/tool, hemp cord

Step 1:
Fold paper in half and draw a simple half outline of a butterfly.
I usually just freehand cut it and see what looks good; you can do the same.
I'll make some more "complicated" butterfly shapes when I get the chance.

Step 2:
Cut out the butterfly outline and unfold.

Step 3:
Emboss the cut shape in any way you want with any folder.
I use Swiss Dots a lot because I think it goes with a lot of my cards.

Step 4:
Take your hemp cord or any other type of string (it shouldn't be too thin) and fold in it half.
Place the string on top of the cut butterfly.

Step 5:
Fold the string in half again and place the first part you folded part in the back. It's hard to describe, so please see picture for clarification. After you folded your string again, loop the front cut ends of the string through the first string fold.Step 6: Pull the string taut and you're finished! You can decorate the butterfly any way you want. I usually leave it undecorated because I like how it looks that way.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that it was easy to follow!

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