EEEKK!! Spellbinders at great prices!!

9/12/2011 06:38:00 PM

I actually just discovered this at the Shop Pumpkin Spice store, but I had to share it with you right away!  The store has some GREAT prices on Spellbinders and Denine will custom order them for you.  You can head to the product page HERE.

Just to give a quick comparison, most of the "Labels" Nestabilities are in the "X1" price code so most are $17.50!!  What an awesome price!  Then some of the newer ones, like the Ironworks Motifs which I completely fell in love with (you can see what it looks like here) are just $21.00 compared to the usual "discounted" $25 that most stores are selling it at.  I'm telling you, I'm in big trouble!

The catalog also has some of the pretty Nestabling stuff, but I'm not sure what the price is on those because the "D3" category isn't listed on the chart.  I will let you know once I find out!

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