Tutorials: How to add watermarks to your photos

6/15/2010 03:12:00 PM

As a service to all those who have purchased custom watermarks from the Whimsy Stamps Custom Designs Store and also to all my blog readers who might also be interested in this topic, I've decided to put together a few tutorials on how to add watermarks to your photos.  Below are links of where to find three FREE programs you can use to watermark your photos as well as the screencast tutorial on how to use the program to watermark your photo.  Hopefully these all make sense, and if it still doesn't, please feel free to email me at raindropecho@gmail.com.

You can also find the tutorials permanently on my blog page here: http://raindropechodesigns.blogspot.com/p/tutorials-on-how-to-add-watermarks-to.html

Adding Watermarks to Your Images
Screencast tutorials by Ann Vento of Raindrop Echo Designs
Please email raindropecho@gmail.com for questions and/or comments

Using Photoscape
(download Photoscape for free here)

Using Paint.NET
(download Paint.NET for free here)

Using GIMP
(download GIMP for free here)

Other screencasts coming soon: 
Adding Watermarks Using Photoshop
How to change watermark colors
Changing colors of digital images

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