Combining Challenges 101

7/16/2009 08:22:00 PM

Do you love to play along in challenges, but are too busy to make one item for all the challenges out there? Do you wonder how some fit so many challenges into one card/layout?

Yes, you’ve seen them around. In every challenge blog you go, their name is in Mr. Linky, but it’s the same card/layout. How do they do it? This may not be how some do it, but I’ve put together the 3 easy steps I take to combining multiple challenges (at least 3) into one creation. I hope you find this helpful!

Three easy steps to combining challenges:

  1. Break up the challenges into categories. My three main categories are (A) Sketch challenges (B) Color challenges (C) Theme challenges and I’ve found that this has worked out pretty well.
  2. Pick one challenge from each category. For example, on this card I used a sketch from Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge, a black and white color challenge for Rosie-Dee’s and The Pink Elephant , and a theme challenge of “As you like it” from Daisy May Challenges.
  3. Look down the list of Theme challenges to see if any are the same or if you can incorporate a few in one creation. For example, if a challenge calls for you to use a picture as an inspiration and another asks for you to use a bird, you can use the colors from the inspiration picture on your bird. Also, watch out for those that call for a certain type of embellishment; most likely you can add it onto your creation. This is when things get really fun!
Those are the 3 easy steps I take to combine challenges. The reason why I do it this way is that I cannot combine a sketch challenge with another sketch challenge and the same goes with color challenges. Therefore, if you put them in these three categories, you’re bound to get at least 3 challenges on one creation.

Well, that’s my two cents. Comment below for to share your own tips! Enjoy combining your challenges!

Reader submissions:
  1. "Copy and paste challenges into Word or a spreadsheet" - Kim Y.
  2. "I have a list of daily challenges in my favorites and every morning I check it out and put it in a word document." - Stef. H (I do this too!! My challenge blogs are put into separate bookmark folders and in Firefox, I just open up all the sites in that folder at one time.)

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