Lil brother is graduating!

6/15/2009 10:04:00 AM

Yay my little brother is graduating high school today! I've been back home visiting San Diego since Saturday for my brother's graduation and that's why I haven't been posting anything new lately. Last night though, my brother and I were making cards together with the very limited supplies that I brought along, just because I thought my mom might want to make some with me. Wow, did his cards turn out girly!! It was hilarious! I'll be posting those soon. It's so strange to be seeing him graduate because it's crept up on me so quickly. I know, I know, it's probably even stranger for my mom, but she's been handling it really well! He's the youngest out of three of us, and well, now she's free, lol. So, I just wanted to say:

lil bro!

I hope to post up new things when I get back home!

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