Thursday, May 28, 2009

Couple of fav pictures from camping trip

Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures from the camping trip. You might see these in coming scrapbook pages, if I ever get myself to print out some pictures to actually scrapbook!

The first picture is of the Courtright Reservoir and this was the view from our campsite. Our campsite was literally just a few steps from the lake! It was AMAZING, but way too cold! We definitely did not bring enough blankets. Can you imagine waking up to this? Maybe some of you actually have this type of view, but I definitely don't. Also, I didn't bring my fishing gear thinking we weren't going to get a site at this campground, but I really regretted it because the fishing was great! Everyone was catching rainbow trout (which is so delicious) and I was really jealous that I didn't have my gear.

This second picture is of one of the small creeks that we hiked down to. It was a little difficult to climb down because it was steep, but it was definitely worth it. My boyfriend slipped on a rock (because he was stupidly jumping from rock to rock) and almost got swept away! What you don't see in the picture is the waterfall just upstream. The water was actually going kind of fast and I was really scared that he almost fell in.It's already almost Friday (for some it's already Friday), but I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend. If not, maybe you can make up for it this weekend :) Good night everyone!

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

These are absolutely fantastic! Like WOW! What great pictures and you're a terrific photographer! I can't wait to see more! There is so much natural beauty in the states and to capture it is amazing!