Monday, May 18, 2009

New toys!

No project to post, but I just wanted to tell you guys about a new toy that my dogs and I got today. I went to the local craft store and bought some stuff, put my bag down, and seriously just left the room for a couple of minutes when....

My dogs found a new toy!
Hemp string that WAS wound up nicely in a ball!
Caught red-handed
Talk about puppy eyes! She looks so guilty
AND a stamp!

And my new toy!!!I got my Cuttlebug today!! I ordered it from Amazon for only $60 something, and I thought that was a good deal since it didn't have tax and shipping was free. Also, I got points on my Amazon card. I can't wait to start playing with it! Since I got my toy, I didn't think it fair to take away my dogs' toys so I let them play with it until they got bored. I wish my toys were as cheap!

Till next time!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a comment: you are the first! Also, thanks for showing my blinkie. This blinkie is for my other site (for digital scrapbooking). I have to make the cricut one... Today, I decided that it was time not to try to be perfect, and get going with the blogs that I already have in hand. It will be a long journey to get the right blogs. It will take some time for people to find my blog... Thanks again, and thanks for your freebie.