Friday, May 8, 2009

Great font to use with SCAL and Cricut

For those that use SCAL (Sure-Cuts-A-Lot) software with your Cricut machine, there's this GREAT font with all the basic shapes; it's called FnT Basic Shapes font. You get the basic shapes in one place and you don't have to fumble through Webdings or Wingding fonts to find it. Here's a few of the shapes:

You can download the font here. For PC users, just copy the font file into your Font folder in order to install it.

For those that might not have heard of SCAL, with this software you can use ANY font or dingbat installed on your computer to cut, without cartridges! I only have one cartridge because you need one plugged into your Cricut for you to be able to use SCAL with your Cricut. AND you can use the MANY MANY SVG files out there as cutting files also. My favorite place to get SVG files in Einnej's blog. She has wonderful files in many formats including SVG, GSD, and PLT.

Hope you found this information useful! I might start to make my own SVG files and post it here, if I get the chance.

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